The instant solution for heavy earrings and damaged lobes.Get the Style You Want Without the Strain.

We atCanada Topp Group, as the global marketing and exporting associate of Bradvicacompany, with our authorized dealers’ worldwide and American business partners will not recognize any other maker of these brands outside of the Bradvica Company Inc.

  Lobe Wonder, Lobe Magic, and Earlift products are the U.S.A.-made GENUINE products of the Bradvica Company only. Click on Video to watch.

What is the  Lobe Wonder / Magic (Earlift):

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caution:Don't be deceived by cheap knock-offs and imitations. It is your responsibility to make sure that the Lobe Wonder, Lobe Magic, and Earliftproducts you purchase are the United States made GENUINE products of theBradvica Company Inc.